How to successfully strap your packages ?

To ensure the security of packages to be sent to the other side of the world, numerous arrangements must be made. Most of the time, choosing good packaging is not enough. For added protection, you may also need to use adhesive tape or strapping. In case of heavy packages, the last option is the one that is essential. Discover through this article the secrets of successful strapping.

Choosing the Right Strapping Material

On the market, you will notice that there is a wide variety of strapping materials. You should not make a choice at random or by default. The choice of material is mainly based on the type of box, the protection needs, but also the image you want to convey.

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You will be able to have plus d'infos ici concerning these strappings. From woven fabric to recycled polyester, polypropylene, metal or even paper, you are sure to find the strap of your choice. To successfully complete the operation, also plan to use accessories such as:

Protection angles

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Crimping caps

Self-locking buckles

Crimping pliers


Proceed with strapping

When you have everything you need to carry out the operation, you can finally proceed with the strapping. Here you can proceed for manual, semi-automatic or automatic strapping.

Manual strapping

If you don't have a lot of luggage to strap, you can opt for manual strapping. To do this, you will need to use a tensioner or crimper.

If you use the first tool, you must surround the box with the strap then join its two ends. Note that the part of the strap still connected to the spool must be above the other end. Then place the tensioner blade on the free end of the strap, and the other end in the blade.

Subsequently, you must activate the lever by making movements from front to back in order to tension the chair. At this stage, accessories like the clevis and pliers should be used to tighten the two loops together. Finally lower the lever to cut the top strap.

However, if you have a tensioner-crimper combination, you will no longer need the yoke and the pliers to crimp the strap. When you tighten the strap, simply activate the handle of the device to tighten your strapping.

Semi-automatic or automatic strapping

When you have a lot of boxes to surround, these two solutions are preferred to go faster. In both cases, you must place the package on the device and set the desired voltage. The device then takes care of tensioning the strip and welding the cover.

Regarding semi-automatic strapping, you must manually pass the strap around the box. However, when you use an automatic strapping machine, this operation is not necessary. This is actually the only difference between the two processes.